The first year of a quadrennium is always anticipated to be chaotic.  An environment where a significant portion of the legislature is new to the process, combined with returning legislators feeling a need to spread their wings, leads to an interesting situation.   Your Alabama Association for Justice tackles hundreds of issues, some are small, some are minutiae, some are aimed at shutting down the plaintiff’s bar, and a number of them are good pieces of legislation. 

Regardless of the issue, ALAJ leadership -, be they, Officers, Board members, caucus members or volunteer leaders - unite to represent the entire membership of ALAJ.  Immunity bills range from individual landowners to university hospital systems to municipal employees.  Exceptions to the Rules of Civil Procedure numbered in the dozens. We see caps on damages, venue provisions, and on and on.

Our elected officials have a respect for the civil justice system.  However, there are hundreds of special interests that want to carve an exception for their industry. Thanks to our leadership and dedication to the process, we have a strong legislative presence.  Everyone involved deserves kudos, and we at ALAJ are very appreciative of each one of you!