ATLA Salutes...
October's Champion
Champ Lyons

BIRMINGHAM ---One of the proudest days of Champ Lyons, III's career didn't earn him a single penny, but it made him proud to be a lawyer. It was the day he was able to get a Birmingham man's gas turned on.
"He came to me and said that he could not get his gas turned on because his ex-girlfriend had opened a gas account in his name and had not paid the bill," Lyons said. "When he tried to get a new account for his apartment, the gas company wouldn't turn on his gas until he paid the past due balance."
"They wouldn't listen to this man until I came along," Lyons said. "I didn't get a fee; the man couldn't afford to get his gas turned on much less pay me."
Lyons spent the first six years of his professional career practicing as a defense lawyer. He moved to the plaintiff's side of the aisle because he thought he could make a difference.
"On the defense side, your clients are less appreciative than on the plaintiff's side," Lyons said. "When you represent an individual plaintiff, it usually is the only case that individual will have.  When you are a defense lawyer, it is possible to have dozens or even hundreds of cases for the same client.  It's a lot more personal representing the individual plaintiff."
It is "more rewarding" to help level the playing field for persons who cannot help themselves or who have been "bullied" around and are not able to get justice on their own, Lyons said.
Lyons feels like he was "born" into the legal profession. Lyons' father was a prominent Mobile attorney before becoming a Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court.
"Becoming a lawyer seemed like a natural thing to do," he said. "I enjoyed hearing my father talk about his experiences."
"I knew that he had made a difference and I wanted to follow in his footsteps," Lyons said.
When he is not practicing law, Lyons is an avid Alabama fan who enjoys playing golf, hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife, Elizabeth, and his children: six-year-old son Champ Lyons, IV, and two year-old daughter Kerry Elizabeth Lyons.
His office features a 10-point buck that "didn't make the décor" at his home, University of Alabama memorabilia, and family photos.  His son also enjoys the outdoors and his daughter just learned to say "Roll Tide!" 
Lyons is a member of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, is a Team Captain for the Birmingham Athletic Partnership, which raises money for Birmingham city school athletic programs, and the Monday Morning Quarterback Club, which raises nearly $1 million annually for the Crippled Children's Foundation.
Lyons is a partner in the firm of Lyons, Kittrell, Rowan and Horn. He currently serves as President of the Emerging Leaders Section of the Alabama Trial Lawyer's Association. He also is currently a member of the Alabama Trial Lawyer's Executive Committee and the Board of Governors.  Lyons is a graduate of the 2006 Class of the Alabama State Bar Leadership Forum.