ALAJ Salutes...

Josh Wright

BIRMINGHAM ---At one point in his career, Josh Wright was a defense lawyer. “Being a defense lawyer helped me understand and respect the mentality on the other side of the bar,” said Wright.
Now, he works tirelessly as a plaintiffs’ lawyer to protect the rights of injured victims, consumers and businesses across the country.
Josh started a firm with his partner, Andy Hollis, back in January of 2002. The firm at that time was called Hollis & Wright. What started with 4 employees has grown to nearly 25 total employees. The firm name has changed to, now known as Hollis, Wright and Harrington. Wright is the managing partner of the firm.
You don’t have to talk to him long to know that he is extremely devoted to his practice, to his family, and his clients.
“Being a plaintiff’s lawyer gives me a unique ability to help others during the toughest times in their lives,” he said. “There are not many jobs where you can use your skills and tools given to you by God to help others on a daily basis.”
Wright also has a very unique family.  His father is the CEO and Chairman of a publically-traded company in the music industry.  Wright’s father, Eric Paulson, started Navarre Corporation in 1983 which has hundreds of employees nationwide.
“It has made for interesting conversation around the Thanksgiving table for years.” Wright says laughingly. “But, my father has always supported who I am and what I do. Dad knows the reality: that even businesses need a good litigator when the time comes for litigation.”  
Wright has two sisters, Natalie Ogg, who lives in Iowa and has six children and Janel Novachis who lives in Minnesota and has two kids.
Wright and his wife, also named Natalie, have three children: Paulson, 5; Lillie, 4; and Parker who is 1. Paulson and Lillie are 12 months and 23 days apart and Natalie, according to Wright, has the “most difficult job of all”--- she is a stay-at-home mom.
Right now, Wright says all the kids love each other, expect for the occasional hair pulling and eye gouging.
The highlight of 2008 was watching the two oldest kids learn to read.
“Some things that kids do while they are growing up are less significant than others. But, watching them develop and learn to read has been an amazing thing,” Wright says. There is a downside, though. “Natalie and I used to spell our words to avoid a complete understanding by the kids. Now, they know ‘a-n-g-r-y w-i-t-h y-o-u’ means that mommy is upset with daddy about something!”
Wright, who grew up outside Atlanta, got his undergraduate degree from Auburn University and went to the University of Alabama Law School.  He has a special appreciation for the law school, but has remained a loyal Auburn football fan.  Natalie, on the other hand, got her undergraduate degree from Alabama, and still supports the Tide.
“It really has been okay,” Wright said. “We have been married for six years and luckily Auburn has been victorious each year. Not one of my children has seen Alabama beat Auburn at this point…that may change this year, though.” Wright said, laughing and referring to the upcoming Alabama-Auburn game.
When he is not working, which he spends a lot of time doing, Wright and his family head to Hilton Head, South Carolina where they have a family home.  Natalie is active in Birmingham charity work, and Wright is involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Alabama and coaches his son’s little league sports.  The family are members of Canterbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham.
Wright also is very involved in ALAJ. His partner, Andy Hollis, is a former president of the then-Alabama Trial Lawyers Association, and he is following in Hollis’ footsteps. He is a member of the Board of Directors, serves on the Elections Committee, and is a Sustaining Member of the association. He believes strongly that the association is essential.
“In any industry, you need committed souls that work to better your cause, and the cause of the clients you represent,” Wright said. “ALAJ is committed to that goal and so am I.
“I am proud of what we do, and the help we provide to individuals and businesses who need to resort to litigation,” he said.
For that, Josh Wright is our Champion of Justice.