ALAJ has been a constant, powerful influence for more than 55 years. Leaders in generation after generation have stood up on behalf of their brethren to better their profession. The names echo in the annals of our state’s history – Hare, Hogan, Cunningham, Heflin, Hobbs, Hornsby, Cook...
Despite all the influence that has been afforded the association by way of your participation and support, the Alabama Association for Justice has never had a building to call its own. Nearly every association in Alabama has a permanent place to call “home.” It is a symbol of their unchanging presence.

Add your name to the list. Join our fight – permanently. Your contribution of $1,000 to the ALAJ Building Fund will secure your place in the future of civil justice. It will also guarantee you a place on the entry way wood plaques displaying your name for all who enter.
Commit today to your profession, to your livelihood and to the future of civil justice? Commit to join your fellow practitioners by sending your $1,000 contribution to the ALAJ Building Fund.